Safety is absolute paramount and SpaceGrill has been designed and undergone extensive tests to ensure this, combining various features to provide complete peace of mind. Both the design of and the way SpaceGrill is mounted ensures no heat is transferred through the bracket to the wall or load bearing structure.  The splashback also deflects heat from the cooking surface away from the wall/structure, as well as stopping residue or splashes marking it. The sides of SpaceGrill are also double skinned, which ensures that surface temperatures are within acceptable tolerances for human touch.

Further, SpaceGrill contains thermocouple valves, which automatically cut off gas supply should the flame be extinguished by the elements. In some countries the presence of these valves makes an appliance safe and legal for indoor use. SpaceGrill though is primarily intended for outdoor use, with the thermocouple valves allowing SpaceGrill to be used in spaces that might by law be classified as indoor, such as enclosed balconies i.e. three sided.

Currently SpaceGrill is certified in Australia (AGA marked) and Europe (CE mark), with registration in the United States of America (ETL marked) pending.